Our History

By James L. Jester
13 May 2010

As of this writing we are only a newborn; not much history, but here goes.

In the Fall of 2009 Brother Cramer was conversing with Brother Jester about the usual fire department-related topics. It was sometime during that conversation that Brother Cramer proclaimed “I am going to start an Emerald Society.” Some weeks passed and no planning had taken place. It was soon thereafter that the “Action Man” Brother Jester sat down with the “Idea Man” Brother Cramer and chose a list of invitees to be approached about being the Founding Fathers of the Delmarva Emerald Society.

The first organizational meeting, scheduled for Friday 15 January 2010 at Smitty McGee’s had to be postponed due to illness. The meeting was rescheduled for Monday 5 April 2010 at Station 7 Restaurant. Present at that meeting were Brothers Colegrove, Donovan, Jester, Korb, O’Barsky, Paige, and Trimper. Absent from that meting were Brothers Cramer, Dickerson, Parker, and Wells.

It was at that meeting where all individuals committed to the formation of the society, adopted the bylaws, and named the Founding Executive Committee and Board of Directors, which follow:

Executive Committee:

  • President – Jester – 2010-2011
  • Past President Pro Tempore – Korb – term ends upon election of new President
  • Vice President – Cramer – 2010
  • Secretary – Colegrove – 2010-2011
  • Treasurer – Trimper – 2010

Board of Directors

Director #1 – O’Barsky – 2010-2012
Director #2 – Donovan – 2010-2012
Director #3 – Paige – 2010-2011
Director #4 – Parker – 2010-2011
Director #5 – Dickerson – 2010
Director #6 – Wells – 2010

The Society just received its Federal Employer Identification Number (27-2568338) and has applied for Maryland not-for-profit status by submitting its Articles of Incorporation for Tax-exempt Non-stock Corporation paperwork.

The rest as they say, will be history!

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